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Thread: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

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    Default Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

    As someone who has done about 20 flights on 5 trips, I have decided that I will only fly with Air France. Great service, great in-flight entertainment, and very low cost.

    My international flight from France to Montreal and back, my seat had it's own touch screen TV and remote control with a selection of games, as well as a selection of TV shows & movies to watch, I wasn't stuck watching some pre-selected movie. It made the 7-hour flight feel like nothing. I also showed up really early for my Madrid to Paris flight, and the check-in counter offered to put me on an earlier flight for no cost. Their meals are also a big size, relatively speaking, for economy.

    I've been to about 10 airports, and my favourite one is Charles de Gaul in Paris, even though their only restaurant is a rip-off, I've had the best experience in dealing with employees and customs there. I was once escorted by security to get short-cuts through all the security checkpoints so I could get to my connection on time. I didn't even ask, they saw my ticket and gave it to me. I have also seen employees go to the security checkpoints and call out a flight to find the people that need to be brought through ASAP.
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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

    rotfl, Aja....thats a complaint!

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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

    That`s a brilliant complaint!! Nobody would just ignore that and leave it in the "let`s just imagine this doesn`t exist" pile.
    Now I know how to make a complain the next time I allways seem to have big problems with Air france and staff at Charles the Gaul..they have seen a side of me I don`t show very often but never with Virgin tho,they`ve allways been great
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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

    LOL, my son sent me the exact same thing, its classic

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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

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    Default Re: Thinking of flying Virgin on your summer hols?

    Yeah I've received it via email recently as well along with this gem...

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