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Thread: A friend has passed away!

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    Default A friend has passed away!

    I've been visiting these forums with lesser frequency lately, and today I realised there was no information about this as I found Phelisors The Wall of Honour

    But some time ago we lost our old friend Jiskadar (wow). I'm not absolutely sure what happened to him, but my failing memory tells me it was due to some heart condition.
    As allways, he will be missed and live on in our memory.
    Also, as a result of his departure, it now seems we see less and less of his mate Medeb, and our deepest condoleances goes out to her.

    I'm not very good with words in these cases, but I feel it needed to at least be posted here, and hopefully also become part of the Wall of Honour.
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    Default Re: A friend has passed away!

    So sad to hear.
    Many years a friend, allways a friend!
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    Default Re: A friend has passed away!

    My deepest condolances to Medeb and his relatives! Very sad news, I didnt know Jiskadar well but he always was a perfect gentleman and gentle soul!


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